Teacher career change advice blog series

With a career in education spanning 2 decades, significant experience in school leadership and now a professional career coach and CV writer, I know just what it takes to develop and progress within a teaching career and understand the obstacles facing those who wish to leave.

Alongside expertly designed coaching programmes, I offer lots of free advice through my blog series. This series focuses on teacher career change advice, now collated in one place so you can navigate more easily to find the support you need.

Mapleleaf Vision was founded to enable you to fearlessly Live Daring Dreams. Rooted in the belief that we are only limited by what we think is possible, it’s never too late to start the journey. Expertly designed packages tailored to your specific goals, guide you through a 4-step proven process that delivers tangible results.

🍁“Clients move beyond the crossroads that has kept them trapped in a world that enclosed around them and leave feeling liberated. They know their right path to fulfillment. Freed from limiting beliefs that have inhibited chasing their dreams, clients have a step-by-step structured approach on how to reach success. What’s more, they have all the tools and mindset to turn dream goals into a reality. Imagine a life without limits – that’s what Mapleleaf Vision clients achieve.”🍁

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Distractions are everywhere.
2,001,000 pieces of work to mark in a career lifetime for an average primary teacher.
How long do you wait until you run out of mental or emotional fuel?
How to create an exit strategy to leave the classroom behind.
How to map your next course of action to leave your teaching career behind.
Discovering and finding your new career path beyond the classroom.
Transitioning into a new life beyond the classroom.
How to mentally transition into a new career beyond the classroom.
Career change from teaching – practical ideas to change careers for teachers.
Can I afford NOT to be a teacher?
The school Christmas nativity play – the outtakes.
Shining the spotlight on Quiet Firing in Schools – what you need to know about the tactics.
3 actions you can take if you think you are being quietly fired.
Teacher career change – why your new path is possible to achieve.
Are you a teacher dreaming of a career change?
Constructive dismissal: what you need to know and do.
Is supply teaching right for you?
How to use your transferable skills after leaving teaching.
Are you floundering over your career change?
What you need to know about gaslighting at work.
What to do if you are experiencing gaslighting at work.
2 more alternative choices for teachers looking to use their transferable skills
The benefits of a workplace DNA – it’s not what you think!
Considering a change of career to private tutoring or a corporate training and development role?
Great career changes for teachers
Everyone hold on – this career change from teaching is a bumpy ride.
Always a teacher: why identity at work is more important than you think
It is the end of the road for headteachers?
Why being a Smartie is better than a Pick n Mix approach to teacher career change.
Teacher Main Scale to Upper Pay Scale: things you might want to consider.
How to avoid career change panic and the shiny bandwagon approach.
Why looking ahead in your career is better than looking back.
Are you a cat, dog, or parrot in your career change from education?
Leaving the classroom behind? How to use your teaching transferable skills.
If your career is not working out, when do you say enough is enough?
Why asking “how was school today” is not what matters.
Are you letting doubt prevent your career change?

Mapleleaf Vision Services for Teachers and School Leaders

Teachers, are you stuck trying to identify your transferable skills?
Impossible or I’m possible?
Looking for a specialist CV writer for teachers?
Not all services are equal: why you should invest wisely when it comes to professional coaching.
Are you sitting down??? Guess what….
Beyond the Crossroads – Bespoke Career Coaching
Teacher and School Leaders, do you need an effective and fast intervention to support your career change?
You don’t matter. Give up.
Teaching Career Crossroads bespoke coaching pathways.
How stepping back to view a problem can change your perception.
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