Why being a Smartie is better than a Pick n Mix approach to teacher career change.

You’ve made the leap. You have handed in your notice and exit the classroom at the end of the academic year.

You feel elated and scared.

You are on new terrain and need a job for September.

Now what?

Are you going about this Pick N Mix style or are you a Smartie?

Pick n Mix

You stand expectedly holding the cup and stare at the huge variety of choices.

You are not too sure what you fancy and somehow a bit of this and a bit of that doesn’t feel like you will end up with the best option.

You could just grab anything and fill your cup.

You could continue to stare at the choices.

Either way, the Pick n Mix option that seemed so great at first is now overwhelming.


There’s one clear choice but a variety of colour options.

You know exactly what you will get but are not limited by lack of choice either.

Once you know you have a clear decision to get smarties, it is relatively quick to move forward.

But you do need to know that smarties are what you want.

You could stare out all the career options available and feel overwhelmed.

Or you could discover the right new career path for you and then have focused progress as you enjoy exploring the different options along that route.

Need help with your options?

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