How to use your transferable skills after leaving teaching.

Many teachers leaving the classroom behind struggle to identify what other roles they can do. “I am only a teacher. All I know is planning, teaching, and assessing.” Is something I hear many would-be career changers say.

As a former headteacher, let me first say there is no such thing as ONLY a teacher. With the sheer demands and diversity of any role within education, you will have significant skills that are highly transferable to other sectors.

Following on from “Is supply teaching right for you?” (10 March), this is the start of a series that explores other alternatives for career change teachers.

Tutoring – an alternative career path for teachers.

It is little surprise that many teachers will turn to tutoring role (if not supply teaching) as one of the first considerations as an alternative route.

Since the pandemic, there are numerous initiatives that require tutors to work supporting children and young people, such as the National Tutoring Programme along with many other alternative companies.

Tutors can work online or face-to-face with either individuals or small groups of pupils. And whilst there are plenty of companies who require no former qualification, those that do clearly value the professional teaching skills you possess.

Tutors generally earn between £15 to £35 per lesson (up to 1 hour) depending on experience and qualifications. As a benchmark figure, many tutors with QTS charge around £25 hour; the National Tutoring Programme looking for experienced teachers to work in schools and online delivering catch-up learning seems to be around £30 per hour. Agencies focused on SEND tutoring tend to pay £30-£35 hour.

For those who still love teaching but want more flexibility, being a tutor may offer the best of both worlds. It is easy to see how your teaching skills transfer into this role as you will be planning, teaching and assessing; but you will lose all the “extras” associated with a class teacher role and have more control over your time.

Not for you?

Hey that’s okay, too. There are so many roles available to match teacher and school leader skills. If you want more help getting your career change on the right path, message me to learn more about Mapleleaf Vision career coaching services.


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