Leaving the classroom behind? How to use your teaching transferable skills.

For many teachers thinking of leaving education, the concept of what else to do instead is often a huge barrier to making the leap.

You know that you have transferable skills – but what does that mean in real terms? What alternative roles can you go for beyond being a teacher?

Career change ideas for teachers

Across a series of 24 Mapleleaf Vision blog posts specifically aimed to support teachers and school leaders navigate a new career path within or beyond education, here are two further career change ideas for teachers – this time focusing on the transferable skill of writing.


Writing is a field that is both popular and very relevant when it comes to teacher’s transferable skills. Aside from high-quality writing abilities and experience writing for different audiences, teachers have a wealth of knowledge to draw from, which could be shared with the wider world via your keyboard.

Academic writing is directly transferable if you wish to use your expertise within the field of education. Writing and publishing textbooks, stories for children or academic journals offer relatable roles beyond the classroom but within education.

Alternatively, you could also find jobs that allow you to edit or copywrite for a number of different publications. Although it may seem you are most eligible for educational materials, your skillset means you are likely to be comfortable writing a broad range of contexts.

Look out for roles such as publisher, copywriter, editor, content writer, academic writer, content creator… the list goes on!

Creating Resources

If you are creative and enjoy making resources, you could use your expertise and experience to help other teachers. Ranging from writing schemes of work or workbooks, resources can be sold via TES online or creating ebooks to sell online on platforms such as Amazon or Etsy.

With resource creation, you have the option to set up as self-employed or work for educational publishers. Twinkl is often looking for creatives for this type of role and in many of these roles having an education degree and understanding how children learn is key.

Whatever you choose, there are plenty of alternative career choices for teachers but understanding the right path for you is essential if you want to make sure your next move is the right fit.

Are you stuck trying to identify your transferable skills?

Maybe you dream of quitting teaching, but you have NO idea what you could do instead. Or you lie awake at night feeling like you have nothing to offer if you tried to find a different career path and feel trapped because you cannot identify your transferable skills?

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