Are you a cat, dog, or parrot in your career change from education?

If there’s one thing teachers like (apart from stationary selections) is a jolly good quiz. Here is a fun way to find out what kind of career changer you are (and a great tip to get top marks!)


Notoriously unpredictable, cats can flip from snooze to frantic maniac in a skip of a heartbeat.

If you are a cat career-changer, you have periods of lethargic procrastination only to switch to frenzied job seeking and applications.

You need consistency, control, and strategy if you want to have success.


Known for loyalty to their owners, they are dependable and usually predictable. Dogs like to obey a master and once trained, do not question they obedience.

If you are a dog career-changer, you struggle to see beyond your current career / workplace; you follow the expectations even if you are not happy. You keep your head down and keep doing everything that is asked but is your loyalty misplaced?

You need to actually make a decision and stick with it – are you going to stick with your current career or not?


Impeccable listeners, parrots soak up everything they hear and repeat what they have learned. They have their own flare and use their own voice. Parrots can be tame or wild but never dull.

If you are a parrot career-changer, you absorb good advice and coaching, putting it into practice. You focus on discovering what it is you want so that you can live your life in your own way. You want a career that enables you to live your life in full colour.

How to career-change successfully

If you want to be top dog, the cat that’s got the cream and get top marks – you need to be more parrot.

Discover how career coaching can bring colour to find your new path so you can live a life you’ll love.

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