Teacher career change – why your new path is possible to achieve.

Changing careers from teaching might feel like an impossible dream. You tell yourself that no employer outside of education is going to hire you. You convince yourself that you have no skills beyond teaching. You feel the panic rise in your chest when you even try to imagine what it must be like walking into the “real” business world.

And then there is the guilt.

How can you walk out of a career given all you have invested?

How can you leave those poor children behind and abandon them like this?

It is any wonder that career changes for teachers is so hard to fathom. There are all those conflicting messages going on right now in your head; even before you get to the practicalities of WHAT can you do instead?

These thoughts are the number 1 cause of your paralysis: fear of the unknown; fear of change and choice overwhelm. If you are wondering why you cannot just career change from teaching – this is the reason!

Mapleleaf Vision was founded to help unfulfilled people who feel lost or stuck at a crossroads find their right path, so they have the courage to live a life they’ll love. 

“Imagine a world in which people are never afraid to chase their dreams!”

It is never too late to start that journey. So, here are some true insights to help get your journey started.

Career change insights for a teacher

  1. A career is not a prison sentence. No matter what you have already invested, you have every right to change careers if the current path is no longer the right one.
  2. In every industry there are ex-teachers employed. If employers outside education are not hiring teachers, how can this be possible?
  3. In what other industry does an employee have so many different skills they have to master? You have loads of transferable skills: teachers get hired successfully. Identify teacher skills here.
  4. Yes, the application process is different, but you learnt how to apply to teaching roles, so what is stopping you learning to apply for non-teaching roles? Get CV writing services here.
  5. Children are adaptable and resilient – they constantly change teachers. You are replaceable both by the school, and by the children (harsh fact, that one!).
  6. The biggest counter-act of fear is action. Fear of the unknown and what is in your head is far worse than anything that ever happens in reality.

Everyone feels fear. The difference between someone who stays stuck in a role that no longer is a good fit and someone who find success on a new path is that this person took action despite their fear – they did it anyway.

Thinking of leaving teaching change curve.
Change curve for teachers leaving education.

A teacher change of career is out there if you want it. You just have to take action. If you don’t want to face doing that alone, check out career coaching right here.


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