How to avoid career change panic and the shiny bandwagon approach.

If you work in education, you will be familiar with the constant pace of change. You will probably have experienced the shiny bandwagon approach to change, too. The fruitless quest of always chasing something new until the next new thing comes along.

For career changers, it is easy to be driven into the shiny bandwagon approach when panic sets in. It looks like this…

“I’ve now handed in my notice to leave end of August. I need a job to pay the bills. I’ve not found what I want to do. I’ll apply for everything and anything because I’m worried I won’t get a job. I have a job but it’s not what I want. Perhaps I have made a terrible mistake because I didn’t like my other job (but it paid more) and now what? I’m in another job I don’t like. I’d better find something else. I need a job to pay the bills. What if I can’t find another job….”

A cycle of disappointment, fear and chasing shiny new roles enhances your panic, so you grab out at any job. Guess what – it’s not going to help you find the RIGHT job!

Do you want an alternative panic-free approach to career change?

Of course you do. Here is a way to move forward more successfully…

Create 2 strategic plans.

Plan A – working out what job you really want to do and how to go about getting it. This plan will take time to implement properly, so you also need plan b.

Plan B – whilst you are working through the process of getting your dream job, what will you do as a stepping-stone between leaving the role you don’t want and getting your dream job? It doesn’t have to be amazing. It does have to pay the bills and buy you time. Ideally, it would develop the skills that will boost your opportunities when going for the dream job.

Clear plans and a sensible strategy reduces panic. You cannot think straight in panic-mode, so you cannot find a dream job (and will struggle to find anything you actually would want).

Career coaching helps you see through the fog, puts clear strategies in place to help you work through a career change step by step – and it also develops your mindset to overcome those limiting beliefs that somehow you will never get a job you love.

EVERYONE CAN FIND A DREAM JOB. Most will require help to really figure this out and get there.

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