Can I afford NOT to be a teacher?

For so many, teaching is a rewarding job like no other. But being “teacher-tired” is also an exhaustion like no other, too. For those in the profession that feel their time and energy is coming to an end, there are often 3 very big questions that will burn in your mind.

  1. Can I afford to leave my teaching salary behind?
  2. Will any employers want someone who has only ever been teacher?
  3. What will I do instead if I can no longer face being “teacher tired”?

For the most part, people don’t often really know what they spend month to month. You know you get paid at the end of the month. You know how much you spend on housing, heating, water and those monthly bills often paid by direct debit. You also know that come the end of the month, a lot of the money is gone. Is it little wonder that you think you NEED your salary to stay the same?

But a lot of what we earn slips through the invisible net. We don’t know where it goes – it just disappears.

And this is precisely where you will save money. Are you ready for a challenge?

How to know what you really need to earn.

For one month, rigorously track your spending. Save receipts and at the end of the month, total up what you REALLY spent according to categories such as fuel, take outs, clothes, coffee shops, etc. Trust me on this, it’s an eye-opener! Here are a few examples:

£3 a day on a coffee from a shop = £1092 a year – on just ONE cup of coffee a day!

£25 on a take-out twice a week = £2600 a year – for lazy food deliveries. Even if you kept a weekly treat, you’ve still saved £1300.

£20 a month on union fees = £240 – if you are not in education, you won’t need it anymore.

On just a few things off the top of my head, I’ve just saved you over £2500 – so that’s money you don’t actually need to earn if it just slips through the invisible net!

And there is a LOT more money that disappears in exactly the same way every month. Unless you take up the challenge and rigorously track for a month, you won’t “catch” the savings – and the potential to be able to leave the classroom role and earn less (you may not need to, but it is empowering to know you can and still survive).

The answer to the very large majority to the first question is a big YES, you can afford not to be a teacher.

So, the real question is, do you want to be a teacher?

If the answer to this question is yes, you have brilliant opportunities to progress through your career and make a big difference to children’s lives as you do so. I am happy to support anyone’s career progression journey and champion your success.

If the answer is no, you have choices to make:

  1. Do nothing – nothing will change.
  2. Take the challenge and find out what you really need to survive – to get a FREE spreadsheet tool to help you work out what you need, click here.
  3. Take the leap and do something else because the answer to question 2 is yes, employers do value ex-teachers and you will find another career path. And if you don’t know what to do instead,…

Visit the career coaching page to find out how you can find a great new career path that you will love.


“Do it! Will is extremely kind and friendly with a great understanding of the position you are in. He is warm and caring whilst being professional and driven to setting you free and onto the correct path. He has created a great programme and clearly does his research in between sessions. He listens to what you say (and takes notes!). He is extremely positive and supportive (it feels like having your own mini cheerleader) but also someone who is challenging you and asking the right questions to make you really think and evaluate, he is not just saying the things he thinks you want or need to hear. I have really valued and enjoyed my sessions with Will and would highly recommend joining forces with him!”

Helen A – former teacher and Mapleleaf Vision “Beyond the Crossroads” client.

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I first worked with Will whilst I was a junior member of a teaching team. I worked closely with him for around three years and he became a true mentor to me. During this time Will helped encourage me to discover my own leadership style and he mapped out what it takes to be successful. I highly recommend Will for life and career coaching.

Will is a professional, natural leader who manages to make you feel at ease. He manages to be both emphatic and encouraging, whilst also managing to challenge you to find your own answers. Will’s approach is totally non-judgmental and the sessions are really focused on you and on what you want to achieve. Working with Will has allowed me to address challenges I was facing and he brought a wealth of resources and practical tools to help me set goals, clarify my values, and explore avenues right away. Even though I left teaching 5 years ago, I still seek out Will for his help and guidance and I appreciate his versatility as a thought partner, ally, and coach. Our sessions are always productive and efficiently run, which is perfect for someone who is juggling many priorities! Will brings great communication, professionalism and quality to his work and I highly recommend him as a life/business coach.
- Jamie T (Leadership Coaching)

Highly recommended

I am so glad I found Mapleleaf Vision! Will has been super supportive and understood exactly what I needed to help me to redirect my focus. I now have fresh enthusiasm for what lies ahead.
- Greg M (Life Coaching)


Will at Mapleleaf vision fitted me in for a last minute decision-making session that I needed to make ASAP re. a job offer / career change. He was friendly, professional, and really knew his stuff! He unpicked things that I could never have done on my own. I’m so grateful to him & will be highly recommending him to everyone! Where there is a ‘Will’, there’s a way! Thank you, Will. You truly have a gift.
- Cat K (Career Coaching)