How to change careers from teaching

As a career changer after almost 2 decades in education, including as a headteacher, I know first-hand how to find another path that leads to career happiness. I have experienced the doubts, the fear, the “am I losing my mind” moments and the hurdles of embarking on a whole new world of job seeking. I have been there. I have done it. I know what it is like.

The Mapleleaf Vision blog has lots of free advice and articles to support teachers and school leaders to either grow and climb the education career ladder or find an entirely new career path. The blog links below focus on career change for teachers, opportunities, and alternative jobs for teachers.  It is designed to help you take clear steps to exit the classroom and provide insights both from personal experience and professional expertise.

Great career changes for teachers and school leaders who want help and clarity so they are never stuck in the wrong job again.

As an accredited leadership, life and career coach, I help people like you who are lost or stuck at a career crossroads find your right path, equip you will all the tools you need for success and guide you to discover a new job so you can live a life you’ll love. 100% of Mapleleaf Vision clients who have completed the bespoke ‘Beyond the Crossroads” programme have had success – this is what one former teacher had to say about the experience of Mapleleaf Vision career coaching:

1. What made you sign up for coaching?

I knew that, after almost twenty years, my time in my current career had come to an end but I didn’t know where to go from there or how to go about it. I didn’t have a clue where I wanted to be never mind how to get there.

2. What specific results did you achieve during your coaching journey?

I have clearly identified what my drivers are and what the non-negotiables are when looking for employment. I have realised lots of things that perhaps should have been obvious to me but weren’t.

3. What are you most proud of achieving during our time together?

Clarity, positivity and hope. I know what I want to do now and have a clear plan as to how I am going to achieve this. I also know what I absolutely don’t want to do which is equally as important. I am feeling positive about the future and excited about the thought of starting out on a new career path.

4. What surprised you the most?

It was great to have a completely objective commentator on my situation and I was surprised at how perceptive and insightful many of the observations were. I was surprised as to how many things were pointed out to me that seemed blindingly obvious once talked about but that I had never really considered.

5. What would you say to someone thinking of working with me?

Do it! Will is extremely kind and friendly with a great understanding of the position you are in. He is warm and caring whilst being professional and driven to setting you free and onto the correct path. He has created a great programme and clearly does his research in between sessions. He listens to what you say (and takes notes!). He is extremely positive and supportive (it feels like having your own mini cheerleader) but also someone who is challenging you and asking the right questions to make you really think and evaluate, he is not just saying the things he thinks you want or need to hear. I have really valued and enjoyed my sessions with Will and would highly recommend joining forces with him!

Helen A – former teacher and Mapleleaf Vision “Beyond the Crossroads” client.

How to find out how career coaching can help you.

If you want to know for certain the right career path for you so that you are never again lost or stuck in a job that doesn’t fit your life…

If you want to have a guide to support you step-by-step through a 4 stage proven process so you can find a new career that you’ll love…

If you want a career coach who understands exactly what you are going through and is committed to helping you rediscover your amazing skills and rebuild your confidence…

Book a free discovery consultation and learn more about how career coaching can put an end to feeling trapped and provide options in less than 45 minutes on how to find your freedom and happiness.

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