What career is right for me?

If you have asked this question, chances are you will have researched the answer and found advice about finding a job that is your passion.

But what does that mean? People often mistake passion for a job. This is incorrect.

Your passion is NOT your job – but you do need to find it to make you happy in your job. Your passion is who you are. Your job is how you express it.

Let’s unpack this a little further. What makes you, well – you? This is a complex question because there are multiple factors: personality type, belief systems and values, background, and demographic characteristics to name but a few all make us unique. It is no surprise, therefore, that some jobs will suit some people better than others. For example, someone who loves being around people would work well in a customer-orientated workplace; but would not find working alone in a limited-interaction capacity doing data entry a rewarding match.

Finding the right career is not quite as simple as finding a job that pays the salary you want and is within the right commutable distance from your house. It is an interesting fact that this is how most people filter job searches, however, and then struggle to find the right career path.

Three key ingredients to finding work that you will enjoy.

To get you started thinking about the right career path for you, let’s focus on the first three key ingredients: strengths, interests, and values.


Identifying the things you are good at doing is a great place to start. Often this is where you will naturally invest your time – people are good at the things they practice. If you like doing something, you do it more frequently and get good at it as a result. Identifying your strengths will highlight some elements of work you are both competent at doing and will often enjoy.


Make a list of all the things that interest you both at work and at leisure. Note any correlations between the two. Imagine being paid to do something you love doing as a hobby – something you willingly spend your time on. This would be your ideal dream job. It has nothing to do with the salary or commuting distance you use to filter your job searches!

Core values

There are essentially 5 common core values linked to the world of work. These consist of:

  • Autonomy – being empowered to make decisions and take action (not micro-managed).
  • Integrity – the desire to do the right thing, being honest, transparent, and committed to doing what is best for those you serve.
  • Innovation – challenging yourself to solve problems, striving to improve and find new ways to better meet the needs of your team, customers and company.
  • Growth – based on mutual success, there is a company ethos that develops its staff and provides an environment that fosters personal and professional development.
  • Service – being service-minded or customer-orientated means that you aim to provide a meaningful experience to the people you serve and support at work.

By understanding which core values are important to you, along with identifying your strengths and your interests, it will provide you with the first steps to finding work that you will enjoy and discovering the right career for you.

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