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As a professional CV writer and career coach, I offer a range of coaching and CV writing services. I also write blogs containing lots of free advice and tips to support those seeking to find their right path. The links below are a collection of blogs from the Mapleleaf Vision job search series, conveniently put all in one place so you can navigate more easily to find the support you need.

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How to create an ATS-friendly CV using keywords.
How to create the best CV to get the job of your dreams.
4 common errors made in CV writing and how to avoid them.
Another common mistake in CV writing and what to do instead.
CV tips for teachers and school leaders looking to change careers
Does size matter? When it comes to CV writing – yes it does.
Covering letters: how the writing styles are like 6 types of shoes.
A change in career – what you need to know about CVs.
2 reasons why you won’t find a new career path.
Cheats guide to getting a stand-out CV to get the job.
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