Cheats guide to getting a stand-out CV to get the job.

Competition is fierce. You have found a great job that you love the sound of and you eagerly apply. Your CV joins the pile of other CVs from hopeful candidates. And you all wait…

Behind the scenes the first sift happens.

Maybe this is a computer (ATS) that scans for key words – it is quick, efficient, and ruthless. It doesn’t care how much effort you have put in or how your CV is beautifully presented. If you don’t hit the key words – it flies into the reject pile (around 75% goes here) without ever going before human eyes.

Maybe the first sift is done by employees trained to scan (rather than read) CVs to pick out key information that ties in with the job role advertised. Like ATS, there’s a criteria to be met to “get through” and if the criteria is not met, it’ll hit the reject pile.

Think about this for a minute. To make the short list of CVs that actually get considered for interview selections, your CV needs to stand out in the top 25% of all applicant CVs.

So, what’s the cheats guide to getting a stand-out CV?

The answer is surprisingly simple. Get your CV written by a professional. There is such a vast difference between what most people can produce themselves and what a professional CV writer can produce.

I have worked with some extremely accomplished professionals, yet their original CVs score around 49-56 / 100. Yes, highly talented people who would not make it to selection stages because their CV scored too low because of how it was written.

As a professional CV writer, I can ALWAYS increase the scores and consistently achieve scores in the top 25%.

Why not give yourself the best chance of getting the job you really want?

Or you could just save a bit of money and join all the other candidates waiting to find out the outcome of the first sift.

Your choice – your CV – but maybe not your job interview!


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