3 changes to make so you wake up and smile when you think about work

Everyone deserves to be in a job they love. But not everyone is in a role that makes them happy. If you dream of waking up and smiling when you think about your work, here are 3 essential changes you need to make to achieve it.

  • Work out your bottom line.

How much income do you really need to generate each month to pay the bills? For many people, you usually need less than you think. It is easy to get trapped by money misconceptions and the belief that somehow salary is related to happiness. Salary and happiness are not synonymous at all. Let go of this misconception and you’ll discover many opportunities that you may have never considered.

  • Work out what you love.

How much do you really LOVE doing your current job? Many people are either indifferent to their work or actually hate it. Imagine if you did something you really enjoyed doing. By finding out what really aligns with your values, interests and skills, you are far more likely to love what you do each day.

  • Work out if you need to change paths.

There is no point being stuck doing something that makes you miserable. If you want to wake up and smile when you think about work, then you need to be in the right role that fits what you want from life. If you are on the wrong path, put plans in place to make the change. Everyone deserves to be in a job they love.

Need some help discovering the right path for you? Great, you are in the right place. Book a free career consultation to find out more options to move you from stuck to smiling.


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