1 key factor to help overcome the fear of career change.

Any big life change can evoke feelings of fear and overwhelm, so when you are contemplating changing career paths, it is understandable that many people never get beyond “thinking about it.”

But if your current path is not the right fit and making you miserable, getting stuck on the “thinking about it” stage doesn’t make any sense at all.

What are you still thinking about?

You know you are unhappy and cannot go on like this at work.

You know that a change of direction is the right course of action to take.

Why are you still thinking about it?

The answer is fear.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of getting the decision wrong.

But what if you knew that you had a safety rope. Would you feel more confident with the risks if you knew that you couldn’t fall?

I’m a person who loves heights and when I discovered that the CN Tower in Canada now offers the world’s highest full circle hands-free walk 116 storeys above Toronto with nothing but a harness securing you, it was something I had to try. The fact that it was also possible to dangle over the edge at 1168 feet made it all the more appealing.

What was the risk? I was harnessed to a safety rope the whole time, so even if I had slipped and fell, it was not exactly going to be doomsday.

Career coaches act as your safety rope as you navigate change.

So, it is possible to completely overcome fear if you know that robust safety measures are in place. For an EdgeWalk, this comes in the form of a safety harness rope. For a career change, this is what a career coach does.

I take care of scared career changers and put proven methods and structures in place so that you can navigate your career change safely. You don’t need to jump over the edge – I will guide your every step.

To overcome the fear of career change so that you can make it a reality, the number 1 factor is to secure yourself a guide.

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