I stood frozen to the spot – I knew I’d die right there in a school cookery class.

Perhaps I should explain…

As a kid growing up in poverty, food was limited. And cheese was always economy mild cheddar. Attending a cookery class at school was both alien and a revelation – weird and wonderful foods so familiar to many were completely unheard of by me.

Take brie cheese for example. I’d never seen it before. I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Should it be peeled of the white skin to eat the yellow cheese inside or should you eat the crust?

I tasted the white crust. Instantly the terrible flavour made me realise that this was not something I should have eaten. Like a toadstool, it was clearly poisonous. I was in my early teens and was going to die right there in a cookery class at school!!

Being very shy, I didn’t like to alert my teachers to the fact that I’d licked the poison on the brie cheese. I waited quietly for the stomach cramps to set in. I knew my mother would be very disappointed… she’d spent a lot of money on these stupid fancy ingredients. Not only would I be dead any minute, but I also hadn’t even cooked anything.

I still hate brie to this day.

Sometimes facing the unknown brings fear into our lives.

This is normal, but all too often irrational. The fears we face in our minds are almost always far worse than any reality turns out to be.

The thought of what might happen when you leave a career behind. The scenarios of what could go wrong that flash in your mind act as a deterrent for most – but those willing to push aside that irrational fear and do it anyway are those who fly.

Don’t let fear poison your life. Learn how to live daring dreams.

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