Why do we have a personal relationship with cars but not a toaster?

Have you ever noticed that we make almost everything in our own image?

Robots that look “human” are obvious examples but think about your car… most cars have an engine under the hood (the head where everything happens), an electrical circuit (nerve system), a fuel system (circulatory system), even a tail pipe to remove waste (I’m not going there – figure it out!).

Subconsciously our design blueprint is ourselves – and when there is no point of reference at all, we make a box.

Washing machines, microwaves, dishwashers, televisions… a box.

Whether you are a car fanatic or not, people mostly seem to see their car as more than a machine. We give them names and like the “personality’ of our cars. I love cars… every one of the many vehicles I have owned was so much more than a machine.

I like my cooker (another box) but never once have I named a cooker or considered its personality.

This is curious.

If our subconscious blueprint is based on ourselves, this would also include the human “connection’ response to other humans. Maybe this accounts for our relationship we have with our cars… we connect because we “see” a personality.

Our minds are brilliant. This is just one example of how our minds enable us to go beyond the limits of what we see in front of us. We do not see a car as a series of sheet metal components, motor that moves other parts that drive the axis to turn the wheels. We see (insert name of your car) waiting for us to go on another journey, scampering down the road in a (insert car’s personality) kind of way – connected.

If our minds can do this with a car, think how your mind could go beyond the limits of other areas in your life to make your dreams a reality… it is only a question of mind-power.




Be more “car” in your life.

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