When is career “security” masking a whopping big risk?

We all crave security – job security brings financial stability, and no one leaves their home open to the elements! Security is a natural status quo we all need to exist.

But there are occasions when career security is an illusion. Worst still, it is a whopping big risk. Let me explain…

The career security illusion

If you are in a role that makes you completely miserable but are sticking it out because you believe it brings you “security” – you are in fact at risk.

On the face of it, you might reasonably believe that staying in a role that makes you miserable means that you are remaining in a stable job, even a long-standing career.

This is because career change is viewed as a risk, which you avoid if you keep turning up day after day, year after year in a job that you hate.

But let’s really unpack this…

If you are in a job that is eating away at you, it is NOT career “security” at all. It is a ticking time-bomb. Sooner or later, something is going to snap under the strain and give way. Prolonged misery and stress leads to ill health both physically and psychologically.

How stable does your role feel if you know that one day, you’ll simply not be able to face going into work anymore? Or what about the day you “snap” and resign on the spot? Or wind up signed off with physical health issues or mental burn out?

You are not avoiding the risk of a career change at all. If you hate the career path you are on, a change of role is inevitable – either planned or unplanned.

You are not secure at all. You are sitting on a time-bomb and telling yourself that by keep sitting there, you are “secure” when in face you are facing a whopping big risk.

You risk your health.

You risk your happiness.

You risk the end of tether “snap” without having a planned career change strategy.

No one can sit indefinitely in a role that is eating away at them…. the fuse will grow shorter by the week. Tick tock. Tick tock.


It is your choice.

You can sit on a time-bomb and tell yourself that you are safe and secure until the moment you are neither.

Or you can face reality and disperse of the illusion, take control to find your right path, and manage your career change before you risk it all.

Yes, changing jobs can seem scary – but trust me, experience has taught me that it is nothing compared to the blast.

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