Do not leave me: there are monsters.

This was the terrified cry.

My 4-year-old son is suddenly very aware of fear.

It is strange how this phase kicks in without warning. As a toddler, my son was fearless as is often the case. But now at night-time, the fear of monsters is all too real.

Fear is connected to imagination.

It is why the “unknown” terrifies us.

There is a void in which our imaginations can fill with terrors much greater than reality ever turns out to be.

The monsters do not go away. They just change shape.

The fear remains “real” even if the reality does not match the experience of those emotions.

Facing a potential change of career without being sure of the new direction is a prime time where fear can paralyze action and progress.

And then you are really in trouble….

Without action, there is a void. Where there is a void, the “unknown” is filled in with all the imaginary terrors: all the things that you believe can go wrong, all the doubts, all the things that root you to the spot and leave you stuck in limbo.

The monsters are real. The monsters are in your mind.

But they can be beaten – overcome – defeated.

I am in your corner every step to shine a light on your career change.

With enlightenment, there’s no place for the monsters to hide.

Contact me to find your right path.


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