I have a strange reading list… so it stands to reason, I have acquired unusual knowledge.

Here is how a tour of my home library gives me a unique perspective as a professional leadership, life and career coach.

I love a good ‘survival against the odds’ book – bear attacks, avalanches, lost in the wilderness, coming unstuck on a mountain – I’m currently reading “127 hours” by Aron Ralston and one of my all-time favourites is the account of Tony Kurt on the Eiger. There is something that draws me about the strength of the human spirit and the mindset of those who achieve unlimited quests in life.

Old and Middle English texts (my University specialism): I know that you have to persist to really understand something and that our own histories matter – it influences our today.

Early Novels: the stories we tell ourselves from the outset shape the decisions and beliefs we have later on in life – good or bad stories, they are more influential than you think!

17th and 18th century classics: there are gems in life worth holding onto – by identifying what our personal gems are, we can prioritise the right things in life.

Research and academic texts: you can never have too much knowledge – building skills and knowledge helps us progress and evolve so we can partake in new opportunities.

Sports and psychology section: the mindset and ability to achieve at the top level have always been areas of interest and inspiration, we can do anything with the right conditions.

Fantasy and Science Fiction: have a dream and think of the future!

Canadian literature: keep grounded and true to yourself and your roots.

Travel and foreign language: there is a world of opportunity out there and so many things to explore… the wider the perspective, the greater the enrichment.

Humour: enjoy life – every aspect, if you are not having fun and doing things that make you happy, then you need to change your life.

Children’s texts: living through the eyes of a children keeps you in touch with the awe and wonder of life; children are not bogged down by limitations that cripple adults’ potential.

Poetry: the creative licence to be yourself and have your own voice… I don’t consider that I work in a saturated industry of coaching. I don’t. There is only one of me – my business is the only coaching business that offers my expertise, personality, experience, and voice.

Modern literature: here and now… if we don’t take care of the current situations, we cannot take control of our futures.

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