Can you leave teaching or school leadership and keep a similar salary?

Yes, but you will need to stop scrolling the job adverts and take a different path.

Job search filters are usually set to

  1. What role do you want.
  2. What salary do you want.
  3. What location do you want.

If you are leaving education and not sure of your next career path, you are literally trying to find a job based on salary and how close it is to your house!

You are intelligent, so you don’t need me to spell out the flaws in this approach.

Anyone can find a JOB. But to find a career that makes you happy takes more than a flawed approach.

I take my clients on a journey…

  1. What careers would suit you and bring you happiness.
  2. What pathway should you take to get there.
  3. What skills do you have already and what else do you need in your toolkit to achieve it.

There are endless opportunities out there – and many former educationalists are not only surviving but are thriving in their new lives (and that includes financially).

Do you want to start that journey?

Book a free consultation to learn more about career coaching.

Message – this could change your life.


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