“Live Less Horizontal” is a phrase I coined on a ski trip last year…

In 2021, I left my substantive headteacher role in a large urban primary school and embarked on a quest for life-balance to bring happiness and fulfillment holistically rather than having a disproportionate work-work-work balance and no life.

Within weeks of walking away, I was in the mountains – enjoying the freedom that my soul can only find there. As it turned out, it was one of two ski holidays I took during term time in the first 4 months.

I was returning to a passion.

I had time and the headspace to remember what I loved.

As I scaled to the summits and snapped this shot before taking a leisurely ski run down the piste, I decided that I wanted to live less horizontal…

No more flat-lining my way through existence.

It was time to choose my course deliberately – a course set on holistic life fulfillment.

Nothing is impossible when you set your mind to a dream and remain committed to the goal.

Mapleleaf.Vision was founded in April 2022 off the back of the second ski trip – and here I am still living my daring dreams.

Let me help you.

Reach out.


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