2 strange New Year’s Eve traditions that have led to life and career success.

It’s New Year’s Eve – 2022 has just hours left in existence. At the stroke of midnight, people around the world will be celebrating the birth of 2023.

And whilst I will also be raising a glass, I have two further traditions that will take place tonight, which have helped lead to life transformations and career success (even if it sounds strange!)

So here are my 2 strange traditions.

Tradition 1: Wipe your feet

You enter a house and wipe your feet on the doormat, so you do not carry the dirt from outside in. It’s something you do without thinking as you cross a threshold. But now is the time to THINK.

2022 has gone. It’s a fact. There is nothing you can do to change it. Whatever you did or did not achieve is cemented for 2022 at least. Dwelling on what might have been will not help you move forward. So, it is time to wipe your feet on the doormat, so you do not carry negatives across the threshold to 2023.

And as a sub-text to this, as the traditional song goes, “Should auld acquaintance be forgot
and never brought to mind?

Well, that is a great question. With wiping your feet, if there anyone who really should be forgot and never brought to mind, now is the chance to cull people who offer only toxicity!

On New Year’s Eve, I wipe my feet to ensure that I take forward into the new year positivity and leave behind any dirt that will muddy the road ahead.

Tradition 2: Do NOT make a resolution

A resolution is a promise to do or not do something; it is also associated with resolving a problem and finding a solution. This, in itself, is brilliant. But how many New Year’s resolutions comprise of a list of things someone will give up doing or comprise of a list of intentions without concrete steps?

  • I will get fit and join a gym.
  • I will give up eating chocolate.

And how many gym memberships are sold in January (peak season for gym owners) and membership cards sat in the bottom of unused gym bags by February?

Cadburys isn’t going out of business anytime soon either!! (YAY)

On New Year’s Eve, I set a couple of GOALS that I aim to achieve by the end of the year. I think through the steps I will need to take and plot those steps on my new calendar to keep me on track. I set up regular reminder alerts to ensure I hold myself accountable for actions. And I stay focused on taking each step, knowing that if I work through my plan – I will have success.

What New Year’s Eve traditions do you have?

If you want to make 2023 the year you chase and achieve your dreams, you might want a little help from an accredited coach with an excellent tangible track record on helping people find their right path to success.

Reach out and message me here – take action with your first step.


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