Life. It’s a matter of balance.

The term “work-life balance” is often thrown around as the golden egg we are meant to aspire to. But what on earth does that even mean?

The reality is this: work is a part of life. What is being suggested with the term work-life balance is somewhat a red herring. Instead, it is simply life-balance.

Take a closer look at this image:

The balance between life and work.

The time frames are exactly the same in the top row of images as those in the bottom row.

But which would you rather have in your life?

Getting the balance right is not about how many hours you work.

You could work 70 hours doing something you love doing – you never grudge the time spent working on your hobbies and interests! Or work 20 hours a week in a job you detest.

The hours are irrelevant. How you FEEL doing those hours is critical.

If you are stuck in a job that makes you miserable, the balance is never going to be right.

You invest in a holiday for a brief respite.

But does that change the balance?

If you could invest less money to discover a job you’ll love, what difference would that make to your life-balance?

Work-life balance is a red herring idea.

Getting the balance right is a very simple concept.

How much of your time is spent doing the things you love?

Not enough?

Time to find your balance.

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