What does a good month at work look like to you? (PS It’s not what you think.)

As a primary school headteacher, I was accustomed to having a ‘good lifestyle’. A salary in the region of £76k meant there were no financial worries, long holidays and nice possessions.

This was the story I kept telling myself.

It was a lie.

Yes, I had a good salary. I had no financial worries and we had nice possessions.

What I was missing was a GOOD lifestyle.

I worked every holiday.

I consistently clocked 80-hours a week.

I didn’t see my family or friends.

I had no time to enjoy life.

I worked.

I worked.

I worked.

And all the time I kept telling myself I had a ‘good lifestyle.’

Reality check.

A good month at work is not how much you earn; it is how much you enjoy it.

Once I realized this, I changed perception and direction.

I have a good lifestyle.

I help people who are lost or stuck at a career crossroads to find their right path.

I love my job.

I work flexibly to have a seamless connection between work I enjoy and a life I love.

I have plenty of time for loved ones.

I live

I dare.

I dream.

And whilst a good month can look like the picture on the left, the best month at work is doing what you enjoy and having the courage to live a life you love.

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