I had nothing. Zero qualifications. Zero prospects.

Where we start in life can be very different from where we end up.

My childhood was far from luxury:

  • Threadbare carpets
  • Cold terraced house with ice on the inside of windows
  • Basic, cheap food – “scrap pie” a regular dish of any left food from prior meals
  • Clothes from jumble sales (NEVER new)
  • Limited toys, books, trips
  • No car
  • No telephone landline (before internet / mobile phones!)

This was my world. This was my reality.

I left school without a single qualification.

Prospects were for other people. University about as likely as owning the moon.

My new reality:

  • Lovely village home surrounded by farmland
  • Wood-burner cosy against the elements outside
  • Nice food to eat
  • Clothes usually new
  • Luxury holidays
  • Luxury car
  • Latest gadgets and tech

This is my world. A new reality.

I have a degree and 2 master’s degrees.

Prospects are for whoever wants them. University? – I attended FOUR!

Money doesn’t matter. If I had nothing again tomorrow, I know I can survive.

What does matter is the freedom to follow your dreams.

Do what you set your heart on.

Live Daring Dreams

I am not special. I am not here to brag. I have a simple message.

ANYONE can change their life; it is NEVER too late to chase your dreams.

Mapleleaf Vision was founded on these principles and exists to help others find their right path to live a life they’ll love.

Find out more about how to find your right path here.


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