“You are not listening to me,” was the retort when I did not do as someone wanted.

Actually I was listening. I just didn’t agree with doing what someone expected.

I wasn’t about to “jump” because other people did.

The fact that someone was attempting to put me in a corner to enforce action that was not of my choice would only ever have one outcome…

I would stick to my beliefs and not be coerced.

“You are not listening to me!”

I heard you. I think what you are trying to convey is that you are not getting your own way.

So, what do we learn from this post?

  • I stick to my beliefs?
  • I am unconventional?
  • I am stubborn?
  • I don’t listen?

All is true at some point or other.

What does listening really mean?

Listening does not mean that you do something you don’t agree with just because someone expects you to if they use that argument.

Good quality listening is active. It means that you really hear and evaluate the situation, read between the lines, see the signs, and make informed decisions based holistically on what you heard.

As a leadership, life and career coach, there are times where I have to deliver a message that might not be what my client wants to hear – but good quality active listening enables me to dig beneath the surface and ask the sorts of questions that enable clients to move forward with insight and honesty.

How often do you feel unheard?

How many times do you jump through hoops that you do not believe in?

Are you trying to please others to the extent where you are not living the life you want or following a career path that is “expected” not desired?

Let me help you.



And with active listening that helps you find your right path.

Message me. I hear you! Contact me here.


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