How the handover teacher always knew better… until her dress was eaten by a goat.

(Yes, this links to career-guidance, no kidding…)

Every year was the same.

Somehow, no matter how challenging my class, the handover teacher always said I had the easy class. This was because as a teacher, I have a particular talent from taking the feral and making them tame.

The perception of how easy my class would be to manage meant that the receiving teacher never really cared for transition meetings. After all, why waste time finding out about the children coming up when they would be so simple to manage? And anyway, what could an experienced teacher learn from me at the earliest stages of my career?

The new academic year started.

I had just entered my third year as a teacher and establishing routines with my new class in an open plan school.

Across the corridor, my ex-class were sat on the carpet as the teacher was doing her input…

If she had taken the time to listen to advice, I would have suggested that a particular child who lived on a farm sat in his own space…. he identified as a goat.

Instead, I watched as the teacher tried to deliver a lesson whilst first her hem was bitten and then more and more of her dress was gathered in and chewed up by the class ‘goat’.

Think you know everything you need to know about your career path journey?

Great – have a GO-AT it.

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