Educators, are you starting out, climbing up or moving on?

These are the 3 stages of careers. But things have changed…

Historically, a career in education (or any other career for that matter) moved through the stages progressively as working life progressed.

New teachers would start out as they entered the profession, they would gain experience and begin climbing up the ladder and eventually retire, moving on. Working life was all mapped out.

Nowadays, working life does not follow the same patterns and is far from being all mapped out.

The stages still exist but rather than being linear, they are cycles that can occur at any point of working life.

New teachers can start out fresh from University or come from another career path at any given point in time.

Teachers can climb the education career ladder in multiple ways. The summit to which they are climbing up is flexible – some choose to remain in the classroom and be an experienced teacher; others will climb up to the highest leadership role – or anything at all in-between.

Educators can decide to move on at any point that they choose. Careers are no longer a singular path that only leads to retirement. Some will choose to remain until retirement; others will choose to move on to a new path whenever the time is right for them.

Moving on leads to starting out again, climbing up a new career path and moving on when the time is right. A career path that works in cycles throughout working life, not a straight A to B process.

Understanding the way modern day career paths work helps you understand the stage of the cycle you are in and plan for the next stage in the cycle.

This is career development.

This is career clarity.

If you are unclear or stuck in your career development cycle, I can help you discover your career clarity – and move your career development forward again.

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