Are you already dead because you forgot to live?

It is a serious question.

You will be familiar with the saying “Are you living to work or working to live.”

But when it is reframed, I find it makes my clients think more specifically about the role their work plays in their life.

I hold my hands up right here. I openly confess that as a headteacher, I had “no life” because I worked 12+ hours a day almost every day – consistently exceeding 85-hour weeks in term time and still working the holidays! “It is the nature of the job” I was often told.

Let’s unpack that. It is the nature of the job to have no existence outside of work. You have no entitlement to spend quality time with family, watch your children grow up, see your friends, develop interests or have personal space. I’m sorry, did I miss the clause in my contract that said my workplace expected me to stop living? Talk about selling your soul!!

I frequently coach teachers and school leaders overwhelmed by guilt because they ‘want to leave education’ but ‘feel so torn and stuck’.

So, here is the question again…. Are you already dead because you forgot to live? Time is the only thing that you will NEVER get back again!

If you want to reclaim your soul from your employer and experience the liberty of living a life you love, I can help.

Ask about my coaching services – what have you got to lose, except your happiness?


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