I was caught red-handed…

It was parent consultation evening at my secondary school.

“You could have warmed me!” my mother uttered as she burst back through the front door.

No teenager is fond of sitting at home knowing their mother is at their school talking to teachers. As a teenager, it (along with every else in life) is embarrassing.

‘Ewwwww… my teachers are going to see my mom! They are going to, know you, talk and stuff – about ME – behind my back! Ugggh.’

The Crime

My form tutor had asked my mother about how the new foal was doing. My mother stared blankly. My form tutor prompted a little – the horses, one has just had a foal?

I was caught red-handed. For months, I had been writing in my form diary about our home next to the farm and the horses we kept there. Each entry, I had delved deeper into the feeding routines, stable care, grooming, and how we were excitedly awaiting the arrival of our new foal.

I lived on a housing estate.

We had a dog.

The Trial

“You could have warmed me!”

“Uh, about what?”

“The fake horses we are supposed to own. The fantasy foal that has stumbled blindly into this world. I don’t care what you write about. Just a little forewarning would be nice!”

“The tutor wanted to know what we do at home. It’s like, private. It has nothing to do with school. So, I made it up.”

“Clearly. You’re a tit!”

The Verdict

We all have boundaries and internal systems in our life. It is a way we make sense of things around us. When others invade those boundaries, we take action to protect our borders.

But what if it is our own systems and boundaries that are causing an inner invasion?

What if our life suddenly stops making sense in a way we have always understood it?

The conflict in our own head. The stress. The uncertainty.

How life coaching helps you overcome internal barriers to improve your life.

This is what coaching helps you understand. We explore the internal systems you use to make sense of your life. We work on mindset to make well-considered adjustments that work for your life. And you walk away with a set of boundaries and internal systems that make sense. Not only that, you’ll ditch the conflict and have the tools in place to live a life you love.

Want to work with a coach with a rich imagination, and lots of concrete solutions?

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I first worked with Will whilst I was a junior member of a teaching team. I worked closely with him for around three years and he became a true mentor to me. During this time Will helped encourage me to discover my own leadership style and he mapped out what it takes to be successful. I highly recommend Will for life and career coaching.

Will is a professional, natural leader who manages to make you feel at ease. He manages to be both emphatic and encouraging, whilst also managing to challenge you to find your own answers. Will’s approach is totally non-judgmental and the sessions are really focused on you and on what you want to achieve. Working with Will has allowed me to address challenges I was facing and he brought a wealth of resources and practical tools to help me set goals, clarify my values, and explore avenues right away. Even though I left teaching 5 years ago, I still seek out Will for his help and guidance and I appreciate his versatility as a thought partner, ally, and coach. Our sessions are always productive and efficiently run, which is perfect for someone who is juggling many priorities! Will brings great communication, professionalism and quality to his work and I highly recommend him as a life/business coach.
- Jamie T (Leadership Coaching)

Highly recommended

I am so glad I found Mapleleaf Vision! Will has been super supportive and understood exactly what I needed to help me to redirect my focus. I now have fresh enthusiasm for what lies ahead.
- Greg M (Life Coaching)


Will at Mapleleaf vision fitted me in for a last minute decision-making session that I needed to make ASAP re. a job offer / career change. He was friendly, professional, and really knew his stuff! He unpicked things that I could never have done on my own. I’m so grateful to him & will be highly recommending him to everyone! Where there is a ‘Will’, there’s a way! Thank you, Will. You truly have a gift.
- Cat K (Career Coaching)