3 ways to shock an interviewer into giving YOU that job you want.

There are lots of ways to land the job of your dreams. But what if you left an impression so memorable, the interviewer just had to give YOU the job?

Okay, there are three ways to be shocking and stand out from the crowd.

Be shockingly bad.

Be shockingly good.

Or just plain shocking.

Here are 3 ways you can shock an interviewer.


Take the time to find out about the company you are applying to; dig deeper than the job advert. Anyone conducting an interview needs to know that you want to work for their company and not just playing a mass-application lucky-dip game. Interviewers are always impressed by the candidate that has researched and knows all about the company – it shows they are invested and therefore will make a good choice to be offered the job.

Offer more:

Think about what you can give to the company that will be beneficial to them. Answer the questions in a way that not just informs the interviewer of your experience but make it explicit how you would use your skills to benefit the company. By thinking of what YOU offer first, rather than just what you will get from the job, you will certainly stand out from the crowd and demonstrate to the interviewer that you are a shockingly good choice for the role.


Okay, this is almost certainly more likely to get you arrested than land you the job – but it will shock the interviewer. This falls under the plain shocking category and is a shockingly bad idea. If you want to avoid just being shockingly bad, check out this post.

Being shocking is not always a good thing – but if you really want to stand out from the crowd and shock the interviewer into giving you the job, research and offer more… in over 20 years of being involved in recruitment, I can assure you it is surprising – shocking even – at how few candidates really do.

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